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Ajour logo at Flirt Boutique
AJOUR brand founder, Vitaliy Novitskiy smiles: "Happiness is not in money, but in good lingerie." Together with Tatiana Novitskaia, they have been giving the happiness of colorful lace to the Ukrainian fashionistas for 15 years. Lingerie is one of the favorite things in a women’s wardrobe. There is never too much of it. You need to have lingerie for every day in different colors, lace sets for celebrations and romantic events, sport underwear for trainings, lingerie for home or just for the bedroom — chemises, peignoirs or lace robes. AJOUR lingerie is a great choice for a woman who appreciates both sophistication and comfort.

Ajour has gained an international recognition in record time. At the world exhibition Lyon Mode City in 2006, the collection was among the most trendy and was presented on the podium. Since then, world fashion critics praise AJOUR when they show their collections in Lyon and Paris at the Salon International de la Lingerie. As a regular participant of the international fashion forums, AJOUR forms the trends of future seasons. Materials for new collections are purchased at prestigious international exhibitions. They use only top quality fabrics from leading manufacturers in Italy, Spain and France. They love to pay special attention to jewels. That’s why their collections are full of different metal and stone pendants and Swarovski appliqués. Most of the decorations are handcrafted with unique designs by AJOUR designers.
In the global lingerie fashion space, the Ukrainian brand is known for its combination of textures and colors, as well as the exquisite design of styles. The Ukrainian women are known for their desire to be elegant every day, and AJOUR loves and knows how to make their wishes come true. AJOUR lingerie is not only appreciated by their Ukranian compatriots, but also around the world. Products are successfully sold in 48 states of the USA, as well as in many countries of Europe and Asia. 

AJOUR has 31 stores in Ukraine, 150 boutiques in the United States, Europe and the Middle East
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