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Aubade sold in Minnesota
Vintage Aubade Advertisments
1970 Aubade Photos
1960's Aubade Photos
Old-School Aubade
French line Aubade was founded in 1958, when panties and girdles were essential elements of every woman's lingerie collection. The first lingerie brand to make matching colored bras and underwear, Aubade is the founder of the "lingerie set" and collections that reflect fashion trends and the changing seasons.
The brand's first advertising campaigns were impertinent and provocative, knowing and elegant. The tone was set: years of Aubade advertising would follow, with the same themes and a dash of humor.
Inspired by courtly love, the choice of the name Aubade in itself suggests the game of seduction in French. With its stylistic audacity, its knack for communication and its innovations, the brand will surely seduce you too! Stop in and see for yourself!
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