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Chantelle Logo at Flirt Boutique
Chantelle at Flirt Boutique in Edina, Minnesota
Chantelle available in Minnesota
Vintage Chantelle Photo available now at Flirt
The Chantelle Spirit: French Allure! Parisian, bold, spontaneous...the French allure cannot be explained. It is shown in a gesture, a look, a posture, and in the very French "je ne sais quoi" way, which elevates the women to the sublime. 
Since 1876, Chantelle developed an exceptional know how. The craft, expertise, and "secret" were passed down from generation to generation of seamstresses. This offered women everyday underwear made of rich fabrics and with the most precise fit, similar to a Couture design.
Beginning in the 1960's, Chantelle's international expansion has been the heart of the brand's development. It enabled Chantelle to become the world leader in French lingerie with its products in the most beautiful stores. Lucky Flirt!
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