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Escora in Edina, Minnesota
Founded by Elias Schmidt in 1862 as a corset factory in Coburg, Germany, the company gained high prestige in a short time due to it's founder's willingness to serve the court and for his inventive spirit! 

In 1894, Elias' twenty-year-old grandson Gustav, who had inherited his grandfather's inventive talents, joined his father in running the corset factory, and brought a breath of fresh air to the firm. Gustav designed a novel sport corset that allowed women to breathe more freely. It entered the market successfully with the aid of a few catchy rhymes. In just one year, Gustav was able to hire 25 seamstresses, where previously only two sewing machines were in operation.


In 1934, Gustav was able to register his first patent: the "shelf bra." His design emerged as a highly successful idea whose popularity is still unbroken today. In the following decades, he continued with his ever new ideas and patents: the "busts swing", the "busts float", and numerous registered design awards testify to his creative spirit and great craftsmanship.

After Gustav Schmidt's death in 1953, Erna Schmidt continues the management of the company with her sons and daughters-in-law, with the improvement of working conditions always being particularly close to her heart.
Fast forward to 2009...the business remains in the family! To position the brand for the international market in the future, the business manager, who had been studying in the US and Switzerland, founded Escora in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

The ongoing Escora strategy: family tradition, quality consciousness, and inventive spirit. Today, customers from all over the world can be inspired by Escora and are delighted by the flattering designs and comfortable wear. The company motto is still as up-to-date as it was at it's inception: Escora - the key to beauty!
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Escora Rosalie Bodysuit in Edina, Minnesota
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