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A babydoll is a short nightgown sometimes with lace, ruffles, bows and ribbons. Sometimes they are made of sheer chiffon. It is said the name comes from the 1956 movie "Baby Doll" starring Carroll Baker in the title role.


A panty style whose waistband rests below the navel, and on the hips. Usually has a high-cut leg line. The sides can be anything from a string to a thicker side panel. Back coverage depends on the style of the bikini. Bikini panties are a super comfortable, medium coverage silhouette that won’t show thru under heavier fabrics like denim or wool.


Resembling a short, this panty is sometimes also called a culotte, shorty or hot pant. Offering full coverage in a modern silhouette, boyshorts are a perfect everyday alternative and offer comfortable coverage under skirts. They are also popular teamed up with a camisole and worn around as loungewear. A boyshort has a lower leg cut and thus an inseam that is usually around 1/2" to 1" long. Many women claim this panty style eliminates panty lines under tight-fitting clothing


A lightweight, simple design, unlined, soft-cup style bra. The breasts are covered but the bra offers little support and is suitable for small busts.


A chemise is a short gown with a straight or A-line silhouette.

Contour Bra

Sometimes referred to as a molded-cup bra. Contour bras sometimes contain underwire. They have seamless, pre-formed cups containing a foam or other lining that helps define and hold the cup's shape, even when not being worn. May be referred to as full-cup, demi-cup, push-up, or many other styles. Can be useful when breasts are asymmetrical (which is common – up to 25% of women's breasts are asymmetric.)


A corset is a garment worn to hold and shape the torso into a desired shape for aesthetic. Most corsets contain vertical boning to enhance shape and support. Traditional models may include laces up the back, while more modern corsets have hook and eyes. Bustiers are very similar in style and function. Corsets and bustiers alike will often have a push up element in the bust.


Sometimes referred to as a balcony or shelf bra. A partial-cup bra style that covers from half to three-quarters of the breast and creates cleavage and uplift. Most demi-cup bras are designed with a slight tilt that pushes the breasts towards the centre to display more cleavage.

Garter Belt

A belt worn around the waist with four clips or garters to keep stockings (not pantyhose) up and in place.


A mid coverage panty that rests lower on the hip than a brief. The rise is shorter, so the waistline of the hipster is well below the navel. A hipster is a perfect solution for wearing under low cut jeans.

Long Line Bra

Extends from the bosom to the waist, offering additional abdominal control and smoothing of the woman's torso. Distributes support over the entire lower torso instead of just under the bust.

Plunge Bra

Sometimes known as U-plunge. Allows for lower and increased cleavage. Designed with angled cups and an open and lowered centre gore. The shoulder straps are usually set widely apart. Suitable for dresses or outfits with a deep décolleté or plunging neckline, like a blouse or dress.

Push-Up Bra

A push-up bra is designed to lift the breasts and give them a rounder shape. Women tend to wear push-up bras when they want to enhance the appearance of cleavage and make their breasts appear larger. As women age or have children, breasts may become more shallow at the top of the breast. A push-up bra is helpful in filling out the top portion of the bra.

Racerback Bra

Designed with shoulder straps that form a "V" or "T" pattern between the shoulder blades. Suitable for outerwear like tank tops that would expose traditional over-the-shoulder straps.


A loose fitting teddy.


Although the popular use of this word has come to mean anything worn on the legs (i.e. pantyhose or tights), we will use the traditional definition. Stockings are hosiery that are put on individually and attached to a garter at their tops for support. Stockings may have rubber strips inside of the lace tops to allow them to stay up on their own, therefore alleviating the need for a garter belt.

Strapless Bra

A design that relies on an extra wide band for breast support. These bras achieve their strength through a longer underwire that encompasses more of the breast, and cups with added padding, boning, and shaping panels. Suitable for bare-shoulder outer garments like a strapless evening gown that exposes the shoulders.


A tanga is between a bikini and a thong. A tanga has narrower back coverage than a traditional panty, but is not as narrow as a thong. Tangas are a more common silhouette in Europe. They are also a comfortable transition from a bikini before attempting a thong.


A panty with a narrow strip of fabric in the back that begins as a "v" shape at the waistband and then tapers to a thin strip by the time it reaches the crotch. The cheeks of your bottom are thus exposed. This style panty is great if you want no visible panty lines and a smooth appearance.


A camisole and panty combined into one piece. It can be fitted to the body or loose. Teddies can be worn under clothing or as sleepwear.

Unlined Bra

Unlined bras are lighter and don’t hold a shape when they aren’t being worn as do other bras. An unlined bra offers you a more natural appearance when worn because there is less fabric and structured molding.

Waist Cincher

A belt worn around the waist to make the wearer's waist smaller, or to create the illusion of being smaller. It will often go from just below your bust line to your hip bone. Some may involve boning while some are fabrics that simply smooth and tighten.

Waist Cinching Panty

Waist cinching panties supply a smooth and toned midsection for a polished and seamless appearance under clothing. Fabric is usually quite firm. Often there are snaps connecting the panty in the crotch area. The panty usually comes up to right below the bust line.
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