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Mey now sold in Flirt in Edina, Minnesota
Coming to us from Germany, Mey stands for strong traditions, vast experience and clear positioning. Mey is a family-run enterprise that places great value on acting sustainably and with social responsibility, producing mainly in their own plants in Europe. They do this out of conviction, to distinguish themselves and because Mey customers expect it. They are against low-cost production, exploitation, irresponsible action and particularly child labour.
As an owner-operated family enterprise, they place great value on the highest quality, innovation and sustainability across the entire production process since their establishment in 1928. They use particular care in selecting their raw materials and resources. State-of-the-art production methods in their own facilities, the efficient use of resources, and short transport routes are environmentally friendly.
The heart of the company: Mey produces the fabrics at its company headquarters in Albstadt-Lautlingen, Germany, home to all of the specialist expertise the company has gained over the decades. 80% of Mey fabrics (approx. 50 tons per month) are made using the latest knitting machines. On the finest Mey machine, 50 needles knit 50 stitches into each 2.54-cm (one-inch) stretch. For garments without visible side seams, each size is made in the form of a tube using a specific machine. The most productive Mey circular knitting machine can knit 11-million stitches in a minute with 4700 needles!

Knitting machine!

Mey is innovative, sophisticated and responsible. They make no compromises and set the highest standards for themselves. Since 1928. Stop in and see it at Flirt!
Mey Knitting Machine
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