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Flirt is teaming up with other local businesses!

As many of you already know, Flirt was invited to sell merchandise on St. Paul clothing boutique, Stephanie's web site. We are all in this together and are always looking for ways to help each other and other local businesses! While you are perusing the Flirt merchandise, check out their clothing! We're not going to be home bound forever. Keep your eye on the future!

Going forward, with your order from Flirt, you will find a Mademoiselle Miel hot chocolate bomb in your bag! For those of you who don't yet know about this tiny chocolate shop across from the History Center, you are in for a treat! Owner Susan Brown keeps bees on roof tops around the city and fills her chocolate bon bons with flavor infused honey! Drop one of her honey flavored chocolate bombs into any kind of hot milk, and voila! ...amazing hot chocolate to cheer you up!

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