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Love in a Time of Corona

Giving you an update as to what's happening at Flirt. As you know, Flirt has closed for regular business due to the virus. I am open by appointment and am available for phone/email/social media orders. Every sale is crucial right now as is with so many small businesses. I had to let all of my beloved staff go. Praying this will all blow over soon so they can come back to the shop. The Flirt Girls are the most dedicated and lovely ladies I have ever worked with. Always there for me, always bending over backwards to make things work, always with Flirt's best interest in mind. In this post are photos from Flirt's 10 year birthday party at the Trylon Cinema. Some of you were there...such a fun night!  Oh, and that's James in the middle by the way, Emma's boyfriend and honorary "Flirt Guy"!

Starting today, we will have limited stock available at! The Stephanie's ladies and I were messaging each other last week about ways we could help each other or work together and they were so gracious to offer putting some of my stock on their site. Please take a look and check out their gorgeous clothing as well! Stephanie's is located in the Highland neighborhood of St. Paul. I am available any time for curb-side pick-up and am also available to deliver to your how within 5 miles of Flirt. For those of you who live further away, I am offering free shipping.  I consider the hardship we are currently enduring and am thankful that it will come to an end. Life will go on. We will all be changed by this forever. Hopefully we will all be more mindful of the way we live and never take our health or the way we live for granted. I know many of you are currently unemployed, and my heart goes out to you, but many of you are still working. If you are able to support the shop with a purchase, I hope you choose to. I have the shop phone at home with me so am always available to work with you. That number is 651-698-3692. I am available by email at I can send photos of what we have available and help you put together an order. If you see something on Instagram or Facebook, you can contact me there too.  If you can't make a purchase, I understand! There are other ways to support Flirt. Good reviews on Google, Facebook and Yelp are always encouraging! Likes on Instagram and Facebook are very much appreciated as are messages of encouragement. I know if we all work together we can keep things going and get back to business soon!

Lots of Love, Jessica and the Flirt Team

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