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Bracli - The Original Pearl Thong available in Minnesota
Remember that gorgeous pearl thong Richard gave Samantha in Sex and the City? These beauties are the creation of Luis Álvarez and his Spanish line Bracli. His pieces are originally designed and he has an International Invention Patent that has protected his design since l996, which grants the brand exclusivity and originality in their designs.

Bracli combines elegance and sensuality, luxury and finesse; it is attractive and desirable… Since its inception, Bracli has been the lure in display windows of intimate apparel shops where it never goes unnoticed; everyone stops, everyone ‘thinks‘, everyone imagines, comments, and everyone’s eyes are opened in a special way… their smile broadens; they have understood the meaning.

We are so honored that they contacted us to invite Flirt to carry their line! The best part? There is a bralette to match with pearl straps!​
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