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Cosabella now at Flirt in Edina, Minnesota
Italian for "beautiful thing", Cosabella was founded by husband and wife duo Valeria and Ugo Campello. Proud to still be made in Italy with the same passion and creativity as when established in 1983. Always blending traditional Italian artisan-ship with fashion-forward innovations, Cosabella aspires to create feminine, timeless designs that evoke confidence and individuality for every woman. 
The Cosabella philosophy is rooted in exceptional quality, classic Italian craftsmanship and unexpected details. Since establishment in 1983, Cosabella values its intrinsic relationships with Italian artisans. Its prized family-run workshops remain tucked away in villas dotted throughout Italy.
The importance of family is ingrained within the history of the brand; Cosabella has remained family owned and operated since it's inception.​ Before the founder Valeria Campello imagined launching an iconic lingerie brand, she relocated to Miami from Italy with her husband Ugo Campello. Growing up in Italy, Valeria understood the incomparable quality of Italian goods and had established relationships with local, skilled artisans. In America, she saw first-hand demand for these esteemed Italian products. Business took off quickly. At first only importing products, Valeria set out to design and produce her own collection of Italian-made lingerie for the modern American woman. What initially began as an inspired import business grew into the international brand Cosabella is today. Valeria's mission was to create a legacy brand that could be passed from generation to generation. Each learning and perfecting the craft, striving for excellence in fit, function and comfort.
Cosabella is made in Italy from start to finish. Hand-crafted by the finest artisans sourcing and producing the highest quality materials, a single Cosabella thong can take up to 10 hours to create. With roots in Italy, Cosabella's deeply ingrained relationships with local experts have sustained since the brand's inception. Through this, the Italian tradition of timeless quality and incomparable construction has been ceaselessly threaded within their lingerie. Dedicated to fine craftsmanship, their family-owned labs adapt new technology yet preserve fine-tuned skills carried down through
generations. Artisans continuously refine their process in pursuit of perfection, fine-tuning each product as it goes through creation. 
The Cosabella woman uses color to create her own style. She distinguishes herself and expresses her individuality. Cosabella believes in empowering women to be their most confident selves through style & color, offering her over 100 shades of full color to choose from. Their main color lab nestled in Camo, Italy, occupies a rich, natural location for dying and printing. Water that flows straight from the Alps remains untouched, allowing unique color vibrancy, clarity and protection of the fibers. Cosabella's classic colors are produced from natural dyes, by techniques our mastered artisans derived from the Renaissance. Color development is carefully done drop by drop. The intricate creation process is purely art performed through modern science.

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