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Lise Charmel at Flirt in Edina, Minnesota
The Lise Charmel Company was founded in the 1950s in Lyon, France, historically catagorized as the "Capital City of Silk". Lise Charmel is considered by many to be the most luxurious brand of French lingerie on the market. Sophisticated and original, Lise Charmel's designs combine both elegance and good taste in the best European manner. Featuring rich embroideries, opulent fabrics, soft tulles, and a fine attention to detail, the Lise Charmel line of elegant lingerie will appeal to even the most refined tastes. Their luxurious lingerie and nightwear are both delicately sensual and always very smart. The Lise Charmel Company is comprised of their top of the line Lise Charmel brand, followed by Antinea, and finally Antigel. All three brands can be found at Flirt.
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